Student Borrowers Beware Of These Common Hazards

student loan hazards

by Student Borrowers Beware Of These Common Hazards Student loans are a blessing in disguise. Even though they follow you until you pay them off or die (and even after in some cases), they do help not thousands but millions of borrowers who would otherwise be unable to afford college. The “nightmare” starts once the borrowers graduate or leave school. … Read More

One Missed Student Loan Payment Affects Your Credit Score

by Were you aware that even one late or one missed student loan payment affects your credit score? The fact that the 2014 class graduated with a record high student loan debt of about $33,000 average per student, it is definitely troublesome, BUT on the positive side, it seems like student loan default rates are dropping, mainly because of the availability of repayment … Read More

Understanding Delinquency vs Default on Student Loans

by What is default? The term “default” means you have failed to make payments on your student loan as scheduled according to the terms of your promissory note, the binding legal document you signed at the time you took out your student loan. What would happen if I miss a payment on my student loans? Well, if you miss a … Read More